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TechKredit is on a mission, to increase profits, be 100% compliant and raise the bar with in the industry. By cond heavy investment in our constantly optimising ping tree technology here at TechKredit we believe we are at the top of our game and are perfectly placed to take our affiliate partners and panel of Lenders to the next level in their businesses evolution.

About Us



TechKredit exists to improve the industry we operate in. Over the past 5 years’ lots of change has hit the Financial Lead generation industry. Many individuals and business have come and gone but only the strong have survived. We believe in transparency first and foremost and have established our business on strong foundations. By operating in line with regulatory compliance and industry best practice we have positioned ourselves in such a way as to deliver both continued growth but at the same time delivering maximum revenues for all partners. We work with a panel of over 40 lenders and currently manage a network of over 600 Affiliates. With our own team of UK based Developers, Compliance officers and dedicated account managers we have the knowledge and skills to help you deliver maximum revenue.


We work with a panel of over 40 lenders


We manage a network of over 600 affiliates


UK based team of developers, compliance officers amd dedicated account managers.


We understand how much hard work goes into generating compliant quality leads on a consistent basis and as such feel that you should be financially rewarded for ALL the leads you generate and not just the leads that are accepted. There four we GUARANTEE to munities 100% of all your traffic meaning that you get paid for every single lead you generated. Refreshing isn`t it?

All our Affiliate partners receive 24hr support, a dedicated account manager and industry leading real time reporting software that is being constantly optimised to maximise your revenue. As well as technical support we also offer business support and investment together with on going mentoring from our industry experts.

What are you waiting for?

With simple integration to the TechKredit network, sign up today and start to maximise 100% of all your traffic.

Our philosophy is refreshingly simple

Treat people farley, be transparent at all times and always pay on time and in full.

Sit back and relax

Once integrated into our system you can relax in the knowledge that our state of the art reporting system will log the outcome over every lead in real time.

What can you expect from us?

We Are Here For You

Customisation - our lead distribution service can be fully customised to suit your exact requirements. There are many key drivers to choose from including - type of lead, the source, volume and times of day you receive leads.


24hr Support - We are here when you need us the most. To enable you get the most from our Network we are here 24/7 365 days a year with access to your very own personal account manager and technical support team.


Real time reporting - Whether you are a lender or an affiliate we understand the absolute necessity to access critical analytical data 24/7. Via our brand new technically advances analytics suit you have real time access to all your Data in easy to navigate reports.


UK based in house developers - By directly employing our own team of UK based developers we can ensure that we are always optimising our processes and displaying compliant content through our own websites and banners and that of our Affiliates.


Tiered commission structures - this means each individual lender has their own unique tier ensuring the best return is consistently realised across our network. Our team of UK based developers are constantly optimising our network to deliver the best returns for our partners.


We Make Our Customers Happy

Why partner with Techkredit? Put simply, High Quality fully compliant leads that are fully tailored to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the distribution of high quality fully compliant short term loan leads to an ever changing financially controlled environment within our industry. We operate in line with all regulatory and best practice procedures and strive to offer new levels of clear and transparent sourcing and reporting of all leads. We employ a team of compliancy officers at our HQ in slough to ensure that we can react fast to any changes in regulation and or best practice. This also allows us to adopt into our network any changes requested from our panel of 40 plus lenders in real time. Techkredits aim is to raise the standards of our industry through compliance and a clear and transparent working relationship. We really are the only credible game in town.


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